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Just Bring Your Driver's License

Nowadays you see those signs everywhere, We Buy Gold! So, why should you sell your old or broken jewelry to our store? That’s a really good question, and we’ve got a really good answer. At Bartelsmeyer Jewelry, we take pride in our honesty. We offer fair prices and same-day payments. Our in-house jeweler has over 50 years of experience working with and purchasing precious metals. If you are unsure if your jewelry item is made of a precious metal or stone, we will be happy to test the piece for you at no charge. Most of the time, you can drop by our store, and we will test your jewelry as you wait. Some things take time, so if you have a large amount of jewelry for us to look through, please call one of our team members and set up an appointment! On rare occasions, if you have more jewelry than we can process while you wait, we may ask you to leave the jewelry with us. We will process your jewelry as soon as possible. We purchase all precious metals: Platinum, Palladium, Gold, and Silver! Our checks can be cashed at any Landmark National Bank location with no charge, even if you do not have a bank account.

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