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At our jewelry shop, we do 99% of our repairs in-house, so there’s no need for you to worry about your jewelry being shipped off to who knows where! We want you to feel completely confident that your treasured pieces are safe at our store as they are being sized or restored! John, our resident jeweler, has over 50 years of experience, so he knows what he’s doing! Every repair is different, and prices may vary, but here’s our price list to give you a good idea of what your job might cost! 

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We're Moving

Heads-up! Our jewelry store will be moving to our new Down-town location in the near future! The new Address will be 22 N. Main St. Fort Scott, KS 66701

Our Address

But until then, our jewelry store is still here at our normal location 1519 S. National Ave. Fort Scott, KS 66701